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Our scientific community has joined global research efforts in an unprecedented manner to investigate COVID-19.

Many data scientists are offering *PRO BONO* analysis to help fight the pandemic.

(Epidemiological, viral RNA, Inflammatory pathways, etc.)

If your organization handles data related to the virus and needs additional computational resources please,

let us know.




We listen to the nuances of your project to simplify your process of finding data experts.



Match with data experts based on
– Publication history

– Peer reviews

– Research focus

– Software languages



Direct Hires & Temporary Project Assignments are available to suit your organization’s needs.


We provide
genomics experts for all your needs.

Find the data analysis experts with the exact software and genomic experience you seek based on peer reviewed publication history.

From research & development to commercial sales we are able to provide solutions.

***Temporary assignments & direct-hires available





We provide precise technical expertise.

High-resolution :: High specificity matching criteria based on your team’s focus


Biological Pathways

We understand specificity of your biomarkers requires tailored algorithm development according the gene pathways of interest.  We match scientists by way of publication history and research focus to ensure optimal team design.



Research Development Tools

Whether you work with Next Generation Sequencing, PCR, rtPCR or various other assays we are able to provide you the experts needed. From DNA to RNA to Protein and beyond we will be able to isolate the precise experience your laboratory team is seeking.



Software Engineering

There is a clear divide between data scientists and software engineers that may seem quite esoteric and convoluted. Here at Data Join Up we are able to clearly differentiate the exact type of software developer per project focus. We listen to your needs and connect you with the right people.


Algorithm Design & Development

Data Join Up understands that your research involves many targets and unique gene pathways. Projects grow and change on the fly and success relies on the ability to pivot and follow the most meaningful associations.

We are able to provide permanent team hires or hourly project services to help you and your research team pursue the best paths.



Clinical Data Analysis

Medically actionable data has a bright future within our industry yet requires accountability and high fidelity. Should you require scientists with clinical research backgrounds we will fulfill that requirement for you. Let us know how we may assist with your clinical assays and kit development.





Below are several examples that demonstrate the powerful solutions offered by Data Join Up

Technical Hires – Human Resources

We consult with hiring managers to help differentiate the type of talent your team needs. The smallest details make the biggest differences. We understand that not everyone speaks the languages that describe scientific talent across research domains. Let us simplify the hiring process. 

Market Research

Is your company seeking market intelligence to help assess the viability of your products? We offer services to help palpate the market terrain to determine the best trajectory for your long term goals. 

Sales and Market Development

Are you already providing solutions that require direct competition with other providers? We will help you acquire the commercial experts that can ensure you maintain a foothold in your particular field of expertise. 



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Our Team



Daniel Zia Joseph

Founder & CEO

Servicing the biotechnology community by personalizing the world of data analysis.



Dr. Demet G. Sag, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Clinical Translational Genomics 

Product life cycle development from an idea to the market under regulatory and clinical requirements using translational medicine to stratify the process and functional genomics to ensure successful clinical application for unmet human health needs.



Michael Giske

Scientific Advisor, Chief Technology Officer

Executive leader with more than 25 years experience developing innovative technology solutions for health and life sciences industry among other verticals. Expertise in data solutions for research, corporate, and clinical organizations.



Dr. Bogdan Tanasa, MD PhD

Scientific Advisor, Staff Data Scientist

Computational scientist with academic excellence stemming from MIT and Scripps, La Jolla who is now leading research at Stanford University. He is a domain expert in bioinformatics algorithm development involving genomic and transcriptomic targets among much more.



Dr. Leo McHugh

Scientific Advisor

Biostatistical and computational data scientist with executive leadership experience coordinating research teams and projects. Domain experience in machine learning in pre-clinical R&D through to product registration in medical devices.


Dr. Letitia Jones

Scientific Advisor

Expert vaccine researcher with Duke University focusing on B- and T-cell deployment against HIV. She is an Air Force veteran and a tremendous resource to any team she leads.



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With today’s advancements in data production and output we need increasingly powerful analysis solutions & talent.