Data analysis & solutions

Data Join Up
Genomics software solutions, services, and experts.

From Informatics to Artificial Intelligence Design:
We interface with data scientists, software engineers, commercial professionals, and executives. 

Our vision is providing remote data analysis with a team of highly vetted, trustworthy experts that lead the industry within their particular domains.

Nuances of data processing entail highly specific variables that immediately differentiate the types of projects being handled. We know exactly what those features are and can seamlessly address your needs even when that means involving different types of scientists on the same project.

We help present solutions to executive leaders, hiring managers, and data scientists.

Allow us to partner with you on permanent hires or transient team augmentation. We have a network of peers across the globe who are able to help you manage your projects.

We look forward to connecting you with the professionals and solutions you need.

– algorithm design
– bioinformatics
– biostatistics
– gene pathway analysis
– sequencing data
– data visualization
– full stack development
– machine learning
– artificial intelligence
– clinical analysis
– FDA regulated reports

About the Founder: Daniel Zia Joseph

B.S. Cellular & Developmental Biology
M.S. Industrial & Organizational Psychology (in progress)
Leadership Experience as an Army Engineer Officer

I am passionate about genetics and people.
Serving our industry by providing consultation in: sales, prospecting, recruiting, and market research.

Creativity is key to my happiness which inspired me to be a book author (Six Figure Couch Surfer), registered songwriter, and podcast/vlog personality. 

Lab Experience: Since 2008 I have worked in the biotech industry first as a research associate genetically modifying algae to produce gasoline precursor molecules.  Next I executed multiplexed rtPCR reactions to detect food pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Now I focus on aiding companies that model human disease biomarkers involving RNA, DNA, & Protein.

Business Success: Business development and sales profoundly altered my career trajectory as I learned to effectively network with some of the research industries most elusive professionals. Genomics data experts known as bioinformaticians became key to my network value. Cold calling expertise allowed me access to virtual any strata of an organization to provide meaningful introductions.